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Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Website Design and Development

Award-winning web design that's uniquely crafted for you and your target audience

Your website is more than just a brochure, it's an online experience - that first impression to prospective clients that qualifies you of their time. So make that impression a good one.

Finding a partner to design and guide you through the process without overwhelming you can be a daunting task. Our approach to website design is simple... find out what the client wants, help determine what the client needs, and then deliver it in a creative way that's unique to their business and overall marketing strategy.

We want your site to be as unique as your business. Each site is designed and developed from scratch - we do not make use of pre-purchased templates to spin off onto our clients. This ensures that your website isn't a carbon copy or recycled effort of someone else's site.

In addition to our strong visual design comes strategic planning of how your site will be used. Creating a strong user interface with easy-to-use navigation is key in delivering the content users are looking for. Developing an experience that is positive will keep people on your site longer with better chances of converting them to leads.

All of this is built on a strong foundation using our Content Management System that has built-in SEO best practice elements to help you get the most of your spot on the world wide web.


Responsive Websites

Desktop...Tablet...Mobile - a single site that responds to how it's viewed.

Simply put, a responsive website is specifically developed to "respond" to the size of the screen it's being viewed on - from desktop computers...to tablets...to smartphones. As the size of the screen gets smaller, the website scales in both appearance and content to best suit the device it's being displayed on.

Early in 2015, Google announced that a site will not be considered "mobile friendly" if it is not responsive - thus sending its search ranking below sites that are responsive. So if you rely heavily on organic search engine results, having a responsive site will help maximize its visibility.

If you already have website that's working well for you in terms of design and usability, but is not responsive, there's a good chance that we can convert your site to the newer technology - saving you time and money.

Programming & Application Development

With so many technologies and possibilities available to websites, trying to integrate them can bring more than a headache - it can bring downtime to your site. Whether you need assistance adding third party systems, custom forms or web applications, our in-house staff has the experience to take care of your needs. Note that we said "in-house" - we keep all of our services here and don't outsource them to offshore technology companies.

eCommerce Website Solutions

If you're ready to take your storefront online, then an eCommerce website is the solution for you. Sell products and take payments with clear and easy tracking and reporting all powered by platforms such as Magento and OpenCart. We can design you an eCommerce site to be an extension of your physical location - matching all of your branding efforts so your business remains consistent.

Let the professionals at FIREHORSE Creative help guide you through your web design project. Together we can create a website experience to best fit your needs. Start a conversation with us using the form below!

Specific Web-Based Services: Website design, mobile websites, responsive websites, e-commerce sites, site additions and edits, custom programming and application development, CMS (content management systems), SEO improvements (search engine optimization), social media integration

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"I wish to give my strongest endorsement to FIREHORSE Creative. We now have a knock-out design that will feature prominently in the website they are creating with us. Their suggestions are about as fresh as they come, and they have always provided us with a spectrum of ideas, from more conservative to cutting edge, so you can choose what best fits your business model and comfort zone. You never feel like a number or "just another file" with FIREHORSE Creative. Stephen and Dan are very personable and accessible. In fact, they are more accessible than we have been! Their gentle reminders keep you on track, which is vital when you are running your business full time AND trying to create a website. They have made what could have been a very daunting experience into a creative journey. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

~ Nicholas Brodich, Esq.

Tarbell & Brodich, P.A.

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