Marys Dogs Rescue and Adoption

Mary's Dogs Rescue and Adoption located in Northwood, NH works with local and distant partners to reduce the number of homeless dogs by rescuing them off the streets and from shelters. They find new homes for these wonderful animals by carefully matching them to caring adoptive individuals and families.

They wanted a fun and informative site that highlights and builds awareness of their services in addition to finding quality homes for their rescued animals. Their dogs can be viewed and learned about via a dynamic feed from

We began the project by creating a web design that is bright, eye catching and welcoming. The design has designated areas that allow for ample text as well as images of the many dogs that they help. Also, the web design is responsive so it works well on all devices. 

Once the design was complete, we built a custom Content Management System (CMS) that allows for their staff to control almost all aspects of the site. They can create/remove pages, add text, images, contact forms and more. Also, we used the PetFinder API to seamlessly integrate the list of their dogs onto the site. 

The site was built with SEO in mind so each page on the site can rank as high on Google as possible. We wanted to make sure that the website was a powerful tool for them to help pull in more donations, volunteers and of course, adopting families.

Please consider looking into them should you or someone you know be looking for a furry four-legged friend to bring home.

Marys Dogs Rescue and Adoption