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Subscription? Yes! Get the reliable service of our CMS to power your website without the need of costly updates or maintenance at a low monthly cost. This makes having a site you can easily manage more affordable than ever.


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Once a website is built, typically within 3 to 5 years things need to be updated. Technology/code  updates, browser compatibility and so on. If not caught, it can cause site issues. In addition, there are time and expenses involved to keep things up to date.

Our subscription model connects you to our core system – ensuring system updates are done seamlessly and at no cost to you. Things are always up-to-date and secure.  

And if you want a design change, we can do it at a fraction of the cost compared to if it was a stand-alone site.

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Manage your website. Don’t let it manage you.

Say goodbye to being intimidated by making changes to your site.  We offer an easy-to-use system that gives you the tools to keep your website fresh and up to date with your content. We’ll even provide you with training.

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Automatic system updates.

Unlike many other platforms that rely on third party plugins to work, FIREHORSE CMS is ready right out of the gate. Any system updates are done automatically via our hosting servers. The only thing you need to focus on is your website!

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Only pay for what you need.

Our base sytem comes with some powerful tools to keep a simple site up and running. Want to take things up a notch? Simply select the add-ons you like and pay a small additional cost for the new functionality. You’re in control to select the tools you want and avoid paying for those you don’t .


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How it works

Work with our design team to create a custom designed site that takes your vision or existing brand to the next level. We create a unique website for each client to best match their vision while providing a great user experience for potential customers.

We then develop the site onto your unique installation of our CMS where you’ll have access to a suite of tools to help you grow your site for years to come.

Pricing starts with our basic tool set within the CMS and can be customized with additional add-on features at an additional monthly cost. There are no long-term contracts. Monthly fees are ongoing and can be cancelled at any time.

Tools Included with Basic CMS Subscription

Custom Dashboard • Page Editor • Slideshow Manager • Basic Form Builder • Accordion

With our basic subscription tools, you’ll be able to manage your content with ease. Add/edit/delete pages as needed; add photos and videos from YouTube or Vimeo; Google Analytics and much more.


Available Add-Ons for Further Functionality

Image Galleries • Project Manager • News/Announcements/Articles Manager Advanced Form Builder • Calendar • Staff/Team Manager


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Custom Designed Site

• Custom designed site with advanced features and design elements.

• We develop the site with your provided content*

• Access to basic CMS tool system to add/edit/delete pages

• Website hosting on our secure servers

• SSL Certificate

One-time design and development fee starting at $2,500. Monthly subscription starting at $129.



Basic Site

• Site designed to basic building block structure.

• We develop the site with your provided content.*

• Access to basic CMS tool system to add/edit/delete pages

• Website hosting on our secure servers

• SSL Certificate

One-time setup fee starting at $1,500.
Monthly subscription starting at $129.



*Cost can vary depending on amount of content to be added.

I very much enjoyed working with Stephen from Firehorse. He was responsive and accommodating during a very complicated project and brought some great ideas to the table. Thanks to Firehorse, Community Bridges is proud to offer a functional, user friendly website to those we serve, their families and other guests. Thank you!
Shawnna Bowman - Director of External Relations - Community Bridges

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