New website for Cobblestone Florist NH is complete

New website for Cobblestone Florist NH is complete

Cobblestone Florist is Concord NH's #1 destination for ready-to-go floral arrangements, pick your own flowers, home decor and more. Their website serves as a primary method for people to find them and order arrangements for delivery or pickup. 

They wanted to refresh their website design and make some improvements to how the system handles their online orders. We created a new web design that features lots of large images to really showcase their beatiful floral arrangements. Also, the new site is built to work seamlessly on smaller devices like tablets and phones. In addition, the CMS gives them the ability to add/edit the products that are for sale, handle delivery options, turn off deliveries for days that they are closed and more.

All of this was done while also improving their search engine rankings across the site. Their new CMS has several built in tools that connect with Google Analytics to measure the websites success and give recommended updates. The website has already seen a 11% increase in traffic over the first 45 days. 

By using our Subscription CMS for their site, they will automatically receive all future system updates. This means that their new site can last for many years and grow along with their business. 

Check out the site and order something special for someone special!