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Business as Unusual with COVID-19


Business as Unusual with COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is quickly turning into a challenge that none of us expected – and is changing the landscape for us all. But nonetheless, life…and business carries on.

As grim as it is, people STILL NEED your products and services – whether for personal or business use – so they may continue to move themselves forward as much as possible.



We’ve been so accustomed to a certain way of doing business – whether online, in person, in-store, etc. Now the rules have changed…and we too must change – change the way we look at our business.

With the increasing probability that we’ll soon be ordered to stay and work from home, many of us must rely on technology – now more than ever, to communicate with our customers. Communication is a key component – not just in attracting new customers but helping to retain current ones. Your website is the best tool for your business when it comes to communication – so you’ll want to be sure it’s working to the best of its ability.

In addition to keeping customers informed, perhaps it’s time to change the way you DO business. If you’re selling products, are you able to sell them on your website - to make it easier for people to access them? If you’re a service-based business – is it easy for people learn about what you do and get access to those services…safely and efficiently?

The business landscape is rapidly changing, and we must adapt and make changes as well.

We all rely on our websites and digital communications to help us keep our businesses moving forward. Having a well-designed site that’s easy to use and mobile friendly is so important. Having a content management system (CMS) to help you manage your communications will quickly become a much-needed tool as communications increase.

We suggest taking a good look at your website to see if it its where it needs to be.

• Is it mobile friendly? - It better be, as more than 90% of people view sites on their phones – plus it’s now required by Google for proper search rankings.

• Can people easily contact you? – Make sure your site has easy-to-find phone and email addresses – as well as a clear call to action in many places on your site.

• Is it professional looking and easy to use? - A well-designed site not only makes your business look professional, but it provides your content in an easy to use way, which can help to convert leads into customers.

• Is it secure? – Some website platforms such as WordPress are more vulnerable to security risks than others. This could disrupt the site and prevent it from working properly. In addition, making sure your domain is secure by installing an SSL certificate ensures trust and confidence to your customers.

At FIREHORSE Creative, website design and development are our specialties. We offer a variety of custom solutions that are tailored to the needs of each business we work with. We’re happy to discuss your challenges and answer your questions at no charge. You can call us at 225-2334 or email info@firehorsecreative.com .



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We offer monthly payment plans for new websites, to lessen the burden of traditional balloon-style payments.

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