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We are FIREHORSE Creative.

The birth of a new type of creative services firm.

Our business was born from the merging of our previous business identities: Crop Marks Design Studio and Simple Man Web Design - two well-respected businesses of Concord. Crop Marks Design Studio, owned and operated by Stephen Smith, was an award-winning graphic and web design business of 18 years. And Simple Man Web Design, owned and operated by Dan Curren, was a growing web design and development business of 5 years.

So in 2012, we joined forces, launched a new brand and are exploding into bigger and better opportunities that are definitely keeping the larger agencies on watch. What can we say...we're a small group of people that do the work of a much larger agency. Many of our clients have wondered just how we can do so much, yet maintain consistent quality in our work. It's easy when you have true passion for what you do.


Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Founding Partner/Creative Director/Web Designer

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Stephen is the creative vision of FIREHORSE Creative - bringing 25 years of design experience into each and every project - whether for print or web. Stephen's passion for creativity and strength in design is evident in every project - wanting to bring a unique aspect to each and every clients' marketing materials.

Schooled and trained in graphic design for the print industry, Stephen has spent years designing just about every type of product that a business or individual would use to promote their products and services. Having a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the printing and prepress industry helps ensure that all print projects are produced as planned.

Stephen started designing for the web in 2000 - working on a variety of sites. In 2001 his site for Stal-McLane - an award-winning advertising agency, took first place for "Best Corporate Site" at the NH Internet Awards sponsored by NH.com. Since then, Stephen has continued designing numerous sites for clients in just about every sector.

Stephen has been recognized by the New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA), the NH Internet Awards, Ad Club of NH, American Graphic Design Awards and the NH Graphic Arts Association for creative excellence.

Prior to FIREHORSE Creative, Stephen's focus was as President and founder of Crop Marks Design Studio - a successful, well respected design studio in Concord, NH since 1997.

Dan Curren

Dan Curren

Founding Partner/Technology Director/Web Developer

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Dan is the development side of the FIREHORSE Creative team. He handles everything ranging from new website programming, database management, hosting support, tech support and more. Dan has a passion for technology and works hard to stay ahead of the curve on the latest web technology innovations.

Dan started working on websites part time in 2003. Seeing the Internet evolve during those early years helped to inspire a passion of technology and newly available features on the web. Over time, Dan began focusing his time and schooling more and more on web development before finally launching Simple Man Web Design LLC, a popular and emerging sub contracting partner for many creative firms in satisfying the website design and development needs of their clients. Dan was often considered the "go-to" developer for content management and development solutions.

Dan specializes in PHP, MySQL, CMS - Content Management System, SEO, SEF, CSS, HTML, XHMTL and Javascript. Dan is also experienced in many third party CMS systems such as Joomla, Wordpress and Magento.

Prior to FIREHORSE Creative, Dan's focus was as President and founder of Simple Man Web Design LLC - a fast growing web development business in Concord, NH formed in 2006.

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